Not too long ago, a set of unforeseen circumstances disrupted the daily flow of our business. As a result, we were left with no help in our warehouse. Merchandise began to accumulate as we watched in despair the growing mountain of clutter.

But yesterday, we were blessed with unexpected help. The warehouse was transformed once again in the axis of organizational bliss. I wondered, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have this happen every day? To be able to count on an effective, reliable worker, someone who shows up every day, and is willing to do what needs to be done? Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know with certainty that things will run smoothly again?” My inner voice responded “There are no guarantees in life.” Then, I ask, how can we have a sense of constant peace of mind, a feeling that no matter what, our needs will create the fulfillment of those needs, that the solution to our problems will reveal–and materialize–itself at the exact moment it needs to?

The concept of zen comes to mind. I found myself enjoying how things played out yesterday. I wanted to keep thinking about it because it brought peace to my mind. I wanted to stay in that state of bliss and I wanted it to repeat itself the next day. And it was revealed to me, at that moment of wanting more, that all we have is today. I was enjoying the gifts given us, and perhaps I should leave it at that. Tomorrow? It will bring a different challenge , with its own lessons and gifts. But tomorrow does not exist yet There’s only today.

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